Thailands Seasons

Seasons Thailand: That Every Tourist Must Know

Thailand is popularly known as the Land of Smiles.  Any visitor to Thailand can testify to this fact. When would be the best time to visit this country?  Seasons in Thailand can be divided into three: hot, cold and rainy.  Those who are living there would gladly say that November and February are the most conducive time to go there to visit.  The reason: it rains less and the temperature is tolerably less hot.  This is also the reason why well-known festivals coincide with these months.  Loi Krathong which brings the creative side of Thais is celebrated in November.  It is the time when various decorations are floated on the river with candles to light it up.

Those who are planning to visit Northern provinces of this country can take a pick from March to May (hot season) and June to July (early rainy season).  The same hot weather from March to May is not enjoyed however, in the Northeastern and Central part of this country.  In these areas, the temperature can climb up to as much as 40 degrees Centigrade.  Bangkok and Ayutthaya are located in central Thailand and both of these favorite tourist destinations can receive about only two to three weeks of “cool” weather in late December or early January.  Central Thailand suffers from unrelenting heat from March to June.  This is the time when the heat is so intolerable that it is referred to as “punishing” heat.  This is also the least popular time to travel around this part of Thailand.  Tourists concentrate on staying in areas along the coasts of Thailand.

In the Southern part of Thailand, which by the way is closer to the equator, boosts of beaches and islands that experience even temperatures all year round.  If in case there is a chance that visiting Thailand falls under an intolerable weather, better head towards the south.  For tourists who want to avail of discounts and avoid the peak season consider taking a pick from April to June, September to October.  It is less crowded however; take note of the previously mentioned information regarding weather conditions.

Most tourists avoid the rainy season from July to October.  However, looking at the brighter side there is a redeeming factor when visiting Thailand during these months: discounted rates, fewer tourists, temperatures are well cooler and the surroundings are lush and green.  However, this is the same season when flash floods are experienced and afternoon downpours that go on for days are typical.

Fortunately, beach lovers can still concentrate on Thailand’s two coasts that allow visitors to bask in the sunny beaches all year long.  By the way, the peak of tourist season is from November till late March.  This same pattern is also experienced during July and August where tourists roam aplenty in Thailand.  Taking a trip to Thailand during Christmas and New Year can cause a big dent on the budget.  Visitors can expect to spend from 30% to 100% more for hotel accommodations in Phuket alone.  The decision lies on the visitors and if they are willing to spend extra money during peak seasons or risk visiting Thailand during the lean months.  The exquisite experience of visiting such an exotic country can compensate for the slight weather inconveniences.